Alright, so Tacoma is the metroplex’s major port and industrial center. It also suffered some of the worst violence of the Night of Rage decades ago, and that has affected human-metahuman relations in the district ever since. Today it is a battleground between the Yakuza and Mafia with smaller gangs circling the leftovers.

Both Dustin and Sandia chose to be from Tacoma. Here are some local places that they may frequent:

Basil’s Faulty Bar – You would never give this local watering hole a second glance, and that’s just how the patrons and the owner Abe Heep prefer it. Ol’ Abe ran in the shadows about thirty years ago, but retired from the game and opened this establishment. He’s still remarkably connected and knows everything going on in the metroplex, particularly Tacoma. He’s willing to share that information at a reasonable price, and to put interested parties in touch with each other.

The Crying Wall – In the basement of the Bickson Building on East 11th Street, near the Foss Waterway, is the Crying Wall, a monument to the metahumans who lost their lives during the Night of Rage in various warehouses in this neighborhood and all along the waterfront. Dwarf and ork sculptors created the powerful twenty meter long tableau depicting the night’s terrible events and aftermath. An “honorguard” mostly made of ork and troll volunteers keeps watch at the wall day and night. They tend to give human visitors the hairy eyeball but leave them alone so long as they are respectful. There have been many incidents here over the years; the wall makes a pretty big target for hatemongers and Humanis types.

Gianelli’s Restaurant – Gianelli’s serves a variety of family style Italian dishes, specializing in pastas with their famous marinara or Bolognese sauces. Dishes are always enough to serve two or more, so order with plans to share, and don’t miss out on their great desert menu. Gianelli’s is owned by Tony “the Chef” Gianelli, former Mafia capo and consiglieri, and grandfather of the current Gianelli Family don, Joseph Gianelli. Members of the family visit here regularly. Tony likes to play the role of an old man enjoying his retirement job and handing out balloons to the kids, but don’t buy it for a minute. He was one of old Don Biglo’s most vicious leg-breakers back in the day.

Peaceable Kingdom – A charming American-Chinese style restaurant with traditional decorations and soft, atmospheric Asian woodwind and string music adding to the ambience. The menu offers a wide range of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes, moderately priced. Peaceable Kingdom’s real moneymaker is in those “private parties” where, with a little advance notice, you can get all sorts of exotic endangered or paranormal game cooked ot order. Elements of the animal and Awakened-rights underground have known about this for a while, but haven’t been able to prove it because Pan Wenshi, the owner, is in deep with the Octagon Triad, which runs interference with the activists and the police alike in exchange for some of the take. Some of the Triad’s higher ups have also been known to visit the restaurant and conduct business there.



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