Originally a sleepy suburban area north of Seattle, Everett underwent an economic and population boom in the 2040s when the Mayor managed to bring corporate investment and construction into the district. Unfortunately, the crash of ‘64 wiped out much of Everett’s progress. With the loss of land ownership records, businesses and property taxes were mired in a seemingly endless bureaucratic morass. Businesses lost interest in the district while some companies decided to cut their losses and move elsewhere. The real estate market and the economy have hit rock bottom. Now Everett’s placement between Salish-Shidhe territory to the north and the Puget Sound to the west makes it a main smuggling pipeline for the metroplex, particularly since smugglers now have so many bolt-holes in empty warehouses, loading docks, and the like.

Antony chose to be from Everett, specifically near Mukilteo. Here are some local places he might know of:

Mukilteo Park – Close to the sea breezes and salt air of Puget Sound, this district park enjoys clearer air and provides a haven for Everett’s homeless population, particularly at night, when the chipheads, addicts, and prostitutes congregate. The police attitude in the past has been of containment rather than clearing out, making it a decent place to set up a meetup or drop off, provided you keep your eyes open. That may change, however, as Knight Errant is showing greater interest in clearing out the park as part of a PR push.

Rikki’s Rathole – This charming locale, formerly known as “Dirty Rikki’s”, is aptly named since it is located in the basement of a ramshackle building that sells lore books, talismans, and shamanic curios, run by a rat shaman named Elsie. Harry Brown runs the bar underneath the lore-store, he’s a former wage-mage with Fuchi (back when there was a Fuchi corporation). HIs “early retirement” came about due to differences in business practice with his former employers. He’s been working the rathole for years and knows everyone in the underground magical scene in Seattle.

Federated Boeing Everett Facility – Federated-Boeing’s Everett factories design and assemble the huge aircraft and spaceplanes for which the corporation is so well known. Surrounding the factories and runways of Paine Field is a corporate housing community nicknamed Boeingville. The company apartments and condos here are supplied to certain employees as part of their contract, complete with amenities like entertainment and utilities. Those in the shadows know that this stems from a need to protect their employees from extraction attempts by rivals like Ares, Mitsuhama, Sikorsky-bell, and Saeder-Krupp to name a few. The whole facility uses RFID tags to determine if somebody’s authorized to be there or not. It’s basically run like a police state, where security can ask to check your ID at any time for any reason, and refusing is only going to get you a boatload of hurt. The company line is that it’s necessary to protect its employees from dangerous outside elements, but more often than not, it’s to ensure that everyone stays loyal and knows that if they even think about bolting or betraying company secrets, security WILL find out about it.



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