Character Creation

Right now, I’m working on character creation using a free software called Chummer5. It saves you from doing a lot of the tedious math that doing this by hand would involve and it has all the equipment, spells, and jazz already preloaded. Not mandatory to use it, but highly highly recommended. Here’s a link:

If you are using Chummer, go to Tools > Options. On the left hand side, the only sourcebooks that should be checked are Run and Gun, the 5th Ed core rulebook, and Street Grimoire.

Step 1: Chose Concept

Step 2: Priorities

Step 3: Attributes

Step 4: Skills

Step 5: Qualities

Step 6: Resources

Step 7: Karma

Step 8: Final Calculations

Below are some links that might be helpful:

  • Shadowrun “Superbook” – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED –
  • Reddit discussion of character creation –
  • Example of already created characters –

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Character Creation

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